Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Tjlar Order of the Archangel Raphael

Arch. Raphael
The Order of the Archangel Raphael was founded in YT161 from that part of the structure of the church referred to as the veneration of Raphael. This had existed since the Council of Tavyl in YT8, but for more than a century had no militant vocation. Followers of the Raphael Veneration were inspired by the example of Raphael to seek to rescue the destitute and heal the sick. They were always especially supportive of wayfarers and their liturgies included many pious acts towards the homeless.
The Order came into existence during the period known as the Kin-Strife. This civil war was fought between forces supporting the claim of Fuzur to the crown of his father Fuzoy and those supporting his brother Vuzoy and it almost destroyed the Realm of Tjlaria. During the Kin-Strife, the church was proscribed by law and its followers were being actively persecuted by the crown. Many pilgrims were being killed by worshipers of the cults. In secret the various venerations prepared themselves to resist the rule of either Fuzur or Vuzoy. Those of Raphael sought to create a force of militant clerics who would provide healing and assistance to pilgrims to the holy sites in Tjlaria and to any pilgrims travelling through Tjlaria. The chosen novices were trained in combat as well as medicine and chirurgery. Their discipline and dedication produced men who were both formidable warriors and also   tireless healers. The Order fought to restore the church and the true Tzar during the Tavyl Revolt of YT191-193, contributing to the victories at Ak under Commander Ambrus and Győzelme under Borsonin Vocsyn and participating in the battles at Väcs, Sandamyr, and Agär. The Order however, marks with special services the following events from this period.

18 Dyarr, YT192, ERNÖ came upon the grievously wounded Borsonin Vocsyn on the battlefield of Győzelme and by divine agency restored him to health and encouraged him to continue the fight. The charge of Vocsyn and his retainers against the wild Thracous barbarians undoubtedly turned the fight in favour of the true Tzar's armies.

9 Zuld, YT192, ILLÉS by holy power heals the young prince Vozur from a dreadful sickness which none of the local healers had been able to cure. The strange malady had slain many thousands in the region of Gyógyítóheli where the prince along with the remnants of the royal house were in exile. Without this miracle the line of the true Tzar would have perished forever and the realm would have returned to darkness and oppression.

17 Darbak, YT193, AMBRUS located the Royal Crown stolen by Hring in the ruins of Collisz by prayer and fasting. During the visions received by Ambrus, Raphael appeared to him, shining against the blue morning sky. This is why to this day the Raphaeline warrior clerics wear light blue surcoats with the Archangel shown in silver.

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Red_Cardinal said...

Very interesting Ross; especially Hring stealing the Royal Crown. Is it known why he stole it? (Would it perhaps have been an absolute requirement for the crown to be present for a Czar to be crowned?)

How long ago did that take place from the present campaign date?