Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prognostications of a Madman (Vol 31 Part i)

The Prognostications of Ingusz Vàrrbäth-Matha, Celestial College (written circa. YT326)

211. The Secret Knowledge shall stand against the imperial bulwark. What is not thought can still be spoken. Many will perish but the defender of the muggyr must be weighed in the balance. Neptune in Capricorn rising. Six shall rise but one shall fall to the grey. New moon in the house of the dying. A staff, a trap and a feathered-cap shall be the instruments of the spheres. Seek the help of a slate-robed man in Giliwics.

212. The herb of blood shall come to meet the father of Collisz. Jupiter in Libra. And judgement will come to pass against the followers of the other ones. Nienna on the cusp of Mandos. A red death meets the son of Dostoi in the time of need.

213. Cousins at enmity. Mars in Gemini opposed. The cat shall find it's yarn but the other shall give away it's secret. In the trap a final hazard. Kill or cure for Vojeslav?

214. Hall of the Winter Stars. At the birth of Manwë. Counsel shall be sought against the Inhuman One. The trail of death shall point to Polaris but who will be the chosen men.

215.Children of stone. Your fealty shall be tested. Iron in blood slaked by secret rune opposed. Light of nadir stars reflected.

216. Scions of Aquarian lore. Before Byòl is run through once a need shall arise in the tower of the bright flame. Much wisdom begets little action. Mercury in Virgo reversed. Seek the tombe of words unwritten. Saviours of Szürkal may be found in the path of success. Boldiszar is in the path of ruination.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flight into the Earth

Szürkal, 13th Dyarr YT330.

As the sounds got nearer, other beast-like bellowing and snarling semi-human cursing started. It came from the northeast a short bow shot outside the gate

Thomäs when asked, said that it could create a shallow earth-mole tunnel heading East towards Komiro. The villagers could be saved if they abandoned their homes. It was quickly agreed that this was the only way, So the village was ordered to assemble at the headman's house and instructed to keep the infants from crying out. Thomäs created the means of their escape starting in the cellar. With no noise and no spoil a tunnel appeared. Father Nicolai had only just started leading the villagers to safety when four Tröw and several Yrch attacked the gate.

A trunk thudded into the gates. Gorran and a local fired a few shafts at point blank range but the two Tröw who wielded the ram seemed oblivious. When the gate collapsed after less than minute, Olorin ordered a withdrawal towards the tunnel entrance. Unfortunately, this seemed to be interpreted by most as an invitation to run for it and Olorin soon found himself left behind. Gorran and Hamec halted at one corner of the Headman's house but most of the villagers did not turn to fight. The enemy seemed surprised at seeing the village run so quickly and against their orders they pursued.

Tolarr led the other warriors from the wall opposite the gate towards the tunnel entrance. A few minutes later more Tröw and Yrch had clambered over the wall where they had been posted. They were not far behind Tolarr.

The two most daring Yrch were almost on Olorin when Tolarr stunned one with a missile. A strike from the other managed to hurt Olorin. It drew blood despite Olorin's formidable armour but he made it to the tunnel. As the two Torpëk entered the building they turned to protect the villagers as they all made their escape down into the earth.

Olorin made a mental note to teach the group about proper withdraw tactics.

Earthbound and Water Weird

Szürkal, 13th Dyarr YT330.

Thomäs Surka popped out of the grass in front of Ihkz. This was not uncommon behavior for Pokhoi, but it startled the water-mage more than he liked to admit. He had some knowledge of similar beings in his own country but they looked nothing like this. As small as Brimstone but green-skinned and entirely bald, the creature seemed preoccupied with something and muttered to himself. It seemed entirely oblivious to the effect of his singular appearance. Everyone was busy preparing to defend themselves. Most were concerned with the fate of their families, livestock and homes as well. but the Little Green Man was concerned with telling Ihkz that the Lady of the Grotto was a 'foreign devil' and that he must remove her and return the Lysha to her proper place. Ihkz wandered whether she was as 'foreign' as he was. The villagers who passed by in the twilight addressed it as Tomas Szürka, or Hagy Tumavek or sometimes just as 'Good-harvest'. When chatting about it he was referred to as the Maszükk, our Pokha or even the Little Green fellow but it soon became clear that the locals would probably do what it wanted them to do, if asked. They seemed to trust it never to ask them to do anything either 'good' or 'evil'. The village headman was alarmed when Thomäs told them about the denizen of there grotto but when Ihkz and Voltarr pointed out that the lady concerned had requested them to find her 'proper worshipers' they were even more alarmed that their Lysha had been lost.. Thomäs was still in a state of agitation. Hopping from one foot to the other it poured forth a stream of information. Most of it was unsought but it was all about various corrupting influences

  • the lydarc kaá, satsas and dag sighted in caves previously uncorrupted
  • men in black and dark blue robes who have been disturbing the harmony of the earth.
  • a presence of the 'other-ones' (the blood drinkers, the wild nature forces)

No clear dates or accurate directions were to be had from the pokha. He seemed to pay little heed to intervals smaller than seasons and navigated without map or sight of the heavens. But the robed figures did bother it for some reason and Thomäs remembered a few specific facts

  • one of them brought two Lydarc Dag into 'existence'.
  • one of them used some foreign name which sounded like 'Bael'
  • the men carried goat horns
As soon as the sun was full down the village heard ominous howling coming from the mountains. The sounds were vulpine but not solitary or furtive and they chilled everyone who heard them. They were not the sound of an ordinary pack. There was something about the howling that seemed almost like speech. The speech of cruel beasts, hungry for destruction!