Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Intervention in Midnight Collisz

Collisz, 24 Fafad, YT330

The full moon having risen, shone in a cloudless star-lit summer sky. The fallen walls of Collisz covered in the mosses and lichens of near two hundred years looked ominous covered by deep shadows. Like dark mis-shapen beasts huddled together. Did the walls remember the night when their ruler destroyed them and their occupants. Even were they to remember what happened, none but Hring knows why.

The group slipped quietly through the moonlit ruins towards the central square and the shell of Collisz Gora. The grim faced figures of Bregunds company were close by the town awaiting the signal to attack

Half visible bayars in the ruined buildings around the square were occasionally silhouetted by stray moonlight or a lit pipe. Groups of robed figures were eagerly engaged in rituals in various locations across the open area. An empty plinth stood in the midst of the square with the name Skald Grimm engraved on it.

The stocky figure of Tolarr dressed in leather adorned in symbols of death aspect approached the nearest trio of cult acolytes. After a murmered conversation they stopped their ritual preparations and followed Tolarr into the alleys of Collisz. Minutes later similar figures returned with Tolarr and begin their own rituals. If one set of robes was bloodied none around noticed in the darkness.

Hours later as midnight approached a small group of sinister figures moved into the square from the Collisz Gora. The acolytes stopped as the priest began the ritual proper.

A few minutes later Bregunds Company attacked the town with weapons clashing and horns sounding. The commotion was clear in the night air and soon most of the cultist fighters began heading towards the fighting.

Moments passed and then missile fire from the rest of our friends in buildings to the west of the square started and appeared to damage the chanting cowled figure. Our heroes moved out into the square to prevent the unholy rite. The blessing of the ground done earlier by Nicolai while disguised clearly aided them now and baulked their enemy.

Brother Nicolai stepped forward and prayed earnestly. Immediately, the heavens began to fill with thunderclouds, blotting out the full moon.

The band of cultist cut-throats look up in terror as first four, then six more, were consumed by lightening blast. So terrified were the few survivors that one fell to his knees in penitence. The last cult minion backed away cursing defiantly leaving only the cowled one, Sgurd and one other northland warrior.

As these backed away towards the darkness of the ruined tower a beam of moonlight reveals the undead gaze of Sgurd! Then Voltarr unleashed spells which ripped through the warrior Sgurd. Already the priest seemed to have several silvered quarrels through him. Somehow the wounded trio of cultists managed to help each other away.