Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tribes and Nations -2

In the days of the Old Empire, civilization surrounded the Mare Nostrum. Peace reigned in a hundred provinces. In some the Empire was welcomed and in some sullenly resented. When three great rulers contended for the throne six centuries ago, a civil war started which resulted in countless deaths. Empty victories followed bitter defeats until the legions were almost filled with barbarian voices. Then within five years all three parts of the empire were assailed by external foes and the west of the Empire almost fell. Provinces were lost in the deserts of the south , in the mountains and plains in the north and along the great rivers of the east Finally at the eleventh hour all three would-be emperors realised the truth. Only together could they survive. Each ruler swore a terrible oath binding himself and his successors. Assistance was sent where needed and the invasions were stopped. And so the jointly ruled Empire was born of necessity and flourished to the point where some of the lost provinces were recovered. Of course later the Stygian Revolt gave rise to the Tetrarchy and the fourth Imperial City and the deeds of Heraclios, Destroyer of Achmenya added the fifth part of the Pentarchy. The five rulers are of course not equal in all things. Two Augustii and three Caesars rule from their great cities. As time passed the five imperial pentarchies grew further apart in culture, trade and military doctrine. So much so that it is often more like five empires. Many Augustii and Caesars have threatened to break the sworn pact or delayed assistance but somehow the Pentarchy has just held.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caught in a World of Shadows

Gylwics 17th Dyarr YT330
Earth-kin are small. Brimstone often found this useful. When he decided to try to sneak into the Horned Bear at night he made the most of his size, but it still wasn't enough.
He left the Old Wall Inn quietly enough. He was careful moving through the streets around Second Turn. When he saw the Skallagrim heading home through the dark streets he quickly got into a hiding place that a child would scarcely have fit into. And the squeeze through the window bars of the Horned Bear was tight even for him. However, the act of breaking and entering was not altogether silent. When Brimstone searched the cellar that Voltarr had previously looked in he found the concealed sliding panel that Voltarr had missed. It was hidden but not by magic. His lantern revealed another room filled with all kinds of valuables and a reinforced double door. Brimstone was tempted to fill his pockets with gold. Instead he picked up a handsome dagger and a small chest with arcane paraphernalia.
Turning to go he heard a voice in the darkness. Dousing the lantern and flattening himself against a wall was not enough. A figure in the cellar had seen him. Seconds later Brimstone panicked as a strange shadowy web wrapped itself tightly round him. As he struggled the grey filaments tightened until Brimstone could not draw breath. Within a few more seconds he felt conciousness slipping away.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rhyming Games - 1

отнема скрити знания
оставя тайна името
лъжене във вътрешната пещера
тайни са скривалище

dream-thief takes a hidden knowledge
dream-thief leaves a secret name
hiding in the inner cavern
secrets are a hiding game

Monday, September 07, 2009

Tribes and Nations -1

Some details of the peoples living near to the realm and their characteristics according to the common view. The name of that people in their own language is also shown:
Most men of the muggyr would assume that any of these people other than Szekely living within the realm are either thieving Bayars or plain murderous savages. Almost all would be deemed uncouth, uncivilised, and untrustworthy. They would be genuinely surprised to know that their neighbours have almost the same opinion of them.
Kőgótok (also Greuthungi) are blonde, blue eyed barbarian tribes. These nomadic horsemen have horses larger than the ponies of the Beseyok and Ruaroch. They occupy lands north of the Karbath Mountains but pay little heed to borders. Some trading takes place with the Kőgótok. They are skilled with lance and bow.
Thracius (also Thracous) are a wild dark-haired rabble led by a weak feuding aristocracy. They have long coveted the realm but rarely threaten the borders to the south. They favour ambush tactics and use short swords of a type not commonly used in the realm.
Beseyok (also Pazinags) are a grouping of semi-nomadic tribes who live across the wide grasslandss to the north and east of the realm beyond the Kunok. A few large settlements exist, usually with the hall of one of their leaders. Other horse-lord peoples share the steppe such as the Ruaroch (also Ruaran). Thankfully, no great leader has managed to unify these warrior tribesmen. These horse-lords have acquired a fearsome reputation and are believed by many common folk to have horns and tails. Few have any first-hand knowledge.
The Wallach (also Vlak) occupy the lands lie to the east of the boundaries of the realm. They frequently form Bayar bands for brigandage and raiding of neighbouring states. Wallacia is a unified state but it is very poor. It is in turn raided by the Gaetok and Beseyok. It may once have been larger and more prosperous.
Gaetok or Daciok (also Daous) is sometimes translated as 'People of the Wolf'. They are not numerous but have some individual settlements north east of the realm. It is not a unified kingdom. They are bandits and outcasts with strange magical rites and stranger religious practices.
Kolloth (also Norici) are now mostly assimilated into the realm but some independent settlements still exist round the western fringes of the realm, They have always been known for their fierce warriors and skilled craftsmen.
Skalgrimoth are blonde warriors settled in the border regions of the realm. They are mostly civilised. It is not known whether this tribe were once connected to the Kőgótok or are from the northlands. They show no special affinity for horses.