Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ministered and Revived

Gylwics 18th Dyarr YT330
Voltarr lay dead on the guardroom floor. Vojeslaw lay slain a few feet away. The torpek Olorin had finally succumbed to the savage onslaught of a dozen cultists. Gorran Anastasz Petrowec had died for the second time. The black clad myrmidons had formed up and were pressing the remaining four adventurers back. Then Father Nicolai raised his hands in supplication. The answer was swift and amazing. Four winged figures, fully nine feet tall and radiating intense light appeared around him. Most of Nicolai's companions were afraid and shrank back in awe, but the effect on the cultists was much worse.
Some were struck down with terror - dead or catatonic or white with fear. Even the hardiest ran screaming from the room at the sight of the four seraphs. The angels moved swiftly to the fallen and touched each in turn. Breath returned where for a few seconds there had been none. Within minutes they were sitting up dazed but much recovered, looking in wonder at a table covered in white and laden with meats, fruits and wine. Someone noticed that the slain and immobilised cultists had gone. And so had their death-aspected torpek comrade. As they sat quietly eating the fine food they felt as refreshed as if they had slept. The heavenly visitors patiently spoke to those not too awestruck to speak and then swiftly and silently disappeared. Before they did their leader reached out and touched Olorin's head with a glowing coal which did not burn him and then silently blessed Father Nicolai's mace.