Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inn Signs - 1

The Horned Bear (Szarus Zsaru) is not an inn that 'outsiders' visit much. It is in the worst quarter in Gylwics. It doesn't have fine food or wine. From the visible marks on furnishings, it appears to have had more fights in the last few weeks than noble visitors in a similar number of years.

It does have a painted sign with the old bear 'a pied' carrying a hunting horn. Since there are many hunting lodges in the Karbäth Mountains this is an appropriate sign for an Inn which may have started out providing refreshment for thirsty huntsmen. A few wild outdoor types still drink there. Probably those that don't want to be bothered by too many questions.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dreams and Interpretations

The Prognostications of Ingusz Vàrrbäth-Matha, Celestial College

185. The herb of blood opens the door. Visions of conflagration. Pallas in Taurus opposed. Schemes in the Dark Tower lay low the life-giver eclipsed. In the dregs of Nagyolaszi is the taste of death. Stone-folk bait the trap and spring it. Chosen of the loyal strike a timely blow. The sword of the righteous sweeps clean.

This extract from the writings of Värbäth-Matha was written in YT 325 at the time of the Dagor Nimlagor. It is generally taken to have been at least partially fulfilled by the events which took place in Nagyolaszi on 23rd to 25th Byad YT330 when the necromantic Samagina cult was suppressed by a group of loyal subjects and the Order of Michael. References to the eclipsed Sun are symbolic of life-force corrupted in necromancy. Pallas may refer to cult mysteries or to the unmasking of the cult. House Taurus mentioned is considered by the Celestial college to be unfavourable to the detection of mysteries. Other interpretations have been put forward which seek to explain references to visions, the 'herb of blood' and 'chosen of the loyal'. Since there are never any interpretations from the author, none of these versions can be tested. The cynical say that these soothsayers are always unwilling to face such testing.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Gifts and Practices

Clerics of the Church of St.Kosz of Astergow and of the various venerations

Most clerics serve in one town or village for most of their lives. Whether their saint is St Vanaslasz or St Nar. Whether they venerate the Archangel Gabriel or Vala Orome.

Brotherhoods and Orders each have their own Rule, but all agree that clerics should exhibit one or more of the following 'outward gifts': Healing, Prophesy, Teaching, Preaching and Exhortation.

The practices of each branch of mother church include Prayer, Blessing, Abstinence and Scripture. Laity and clerics alike are encouraged to devote time to these practices but in the Brotherhoods and Orders the hours of each day spent in these disciplines is set out. Those who break the Rule must answer to their superiors.

Those miracle workers and militant defenders who move about the Realm must of needs practice their Rule whilst also carrying out their allotted mission. The book of Bapu Bazacs recently circulated in the houses of the Michaelines, is the first to try to offer practical advice to active clerics in their sojourns.

"Every aspect of the true church has a distorted counterpart in the cults that seek to supplant her. Curses replace blessings. Desecration and false prophesy are practiced instead of the truth. Only one type of practices are used in both true-church and cult. A few Clerics are practitioners of Binding and Warding against evil. All cult priests can do this too. They however need it to gain power and defend themselves from their own kind!"