Friday, April 21, 2006

Plans, Plans & More Plans

Nagyolaszi 24 Byad, YT330

Voltarr revisited the Enclave after breaking fast and used Crystal vision to get a detailed description of the room which would contain the Torc on the night of the full moon. This is the description which he relayed to the others:

“Moonlight is falling from a high North-facing window recessed in a gable wall. The room contains a bed, a table and a chair and the wall has a tapestry of a forest scene with a warrior-king. It might be a depiction of Iron Fuzoy. A figure in scarlet and purple robes is there although a good view of his features is difficult in the dim moonlit room. The table displays the Torc and papers with curious glyphs. A trapdoor is just visible beyond the table.”

Voltarr's fellow acolyte, named Horgyath, visited Tolarr at the inn and committed his appearance to memory (not too difficult given his race, his size and the deathshead adorned black leather armour)

While accompanying Voltarr to the Enclave Gorran noticed that someone was keeping careful watch on who was entering and leaving the inn. On returning with Horgyath, Gorran chose to get into the inn by the stable entrance. But was that being watched too?

Nicolai and Vaneslaw went back to St Thygra during the morning. Already the locals seemed to have assessed the devout cleric and his ambitious friend and paid little heed as they walked towards the church. Inside, Brother Dyarran was happy to give them more detail about his prophetic vision of 'the cleansing' He recognised the area of Low Street with the shadow of Bàt Gora falling across it. He had seen people running through the streets, crying out and the also smoke, flames and such commotion. This, and some investigation about prominent merchants, led them to uncover the possible location for the cult ceremonies in a merchants property in Sheepgate.

Since they needed to know more, Amatheriel visited the building on the pretext of buying linen. Her natural charm and knowledge of growing things made an excellent impression with the linen merchant and she returned with more detail about the shops on the street frontage and a narrow internal courtyard.

Eventually, the group agreed on the layout of the room containing contain the Torc and it's approximate location on the first floor at the northern end of the building.

Later in the day further discussions were held at St Thygra to plan how best to come to the aid of Olorin and Tolarr whilst still apprehending all of the cultists.

I. The paladins agreed to wait at St Thygra with the Ursunin's men for word of the appearance of Olorin and Tolarr in Castle Way. After waiting a few moments to allow the cult to assemble they would then make haste to the building in Sheepgate.
II It is intended that the first sight of the Michaelines in Low Street will signal the companions to stage a diversionary 'hue and cry' in Sheepgate with Hamec or Gorran to mask the surrounding of the building.
III. Since the intelligence gathered on most of the building is scant, the storming of the building and the rescue of the stone-kin must be extempore

The companions retired with some trepidation to get as much rest as possible before the new day. Would all of them be alive when the new moon waned again.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Church Militant

Nagyolaszi 23 Byad, YT330

In case they were being observed, the lady and her companion stayed in the inn while Vowleslaw, Nicolai, Olorin and Tolarr went to the Brotherhood. At St Thygra they were quickly shown to the Abbot's study.

They did not get far into the tale when the Abbot dispatched a messenger and ordered supper to be sent in. This was simple bread and soft cheese. Nicolai seemed not to notice the contrast with their previous meal but Voweslaw ceertainly did.

The Knight commander from the Chapel of Michael was soon announced, and strode into the study with a look that would intimidate even a pious knight. Olorin wondered how the goldsmith or his warrior companion would react to the sight of this paladin. The whole day's tale was recounted, elaborated and disected. There was no discussion about what must happen. The Michaelines would allow no compromises. But the means were discussed at length. Curiously, the group were allowed a great deal of say in forming the plans, perhaps because by the evening's end the Khazad had agreed to be the bait!

The Abbot pointed out that two night hence would be the years sixth full moon and while his might be well for those with a Lunar aspect, it would also favour lycanthropes.

All Together at the Inn

Nagyolaszi 23 Byad, YT300

As dusk approached everyone in the disparate fraternity met at the Dark Tower inn. It's location on Castle Way in the shadow of Bàt Gora seemed more portentious than it had that morning. They exchanged information about what each had seen and heard but the discussion was mostly about the affair with craft-master Hanveyd and the warrior Sgurd Hafnersson. Neither of the stone-dwellers was keen to go back there anytime soon. Everyone new without words that if unmasked as imposters by the cultists their demise would be hellish and if found by the authorities in the company of cultists their doom would be swift and final. After length argument they were all agreed that they were duty-bound to report all of this to the monks at St Thygra.

With the Great and the Good of Nagyolaszi

Nagyolaszi 23 Byad, YT330

Vowleslaw and Nicolai attended matins at St Thygra. Voweslaw seemed distracted with recent events. Every few minutes he scanned the isles and pews as if making sure that nothing was sneaking up on them. Nicolai was in a proper contemplation throughout. After Nicolai had completed his devotions, since his gift was healing, he sought out Brother Dyarran. This brother was regarded by the others in the chapter house as having the gift of prophesy. Dyarran after the appropriate time in meditation began to relate an important message affecting not only Nicolai and his companions but the whole town. Slowly and in a tone of voice that reflected his toubled face, he told Nicolai that in two days time the wicked in Nagyolaszi would be visited with Divine wrath and the city cleansed from their iniquity.

Walking along Lords Way towards Bàt Gora Vowleslaw and Nicolai discussed the meaning of this prophesy and the shock it had caused in St Thygra. The Abbot had wisely admonished all of the brothers to keep silence. The two were unsure what to tell the local Ursunin. When they finally met him the matter did not arise for they had to relate the incident at Golgow and the new of the Upiar passing throught Nagyolaszi. Their host was indignant that this could not be so but after enquiries were made of the gate guard he swiftly changed his tune. He delared that he would take immediate steps to increase vigilance for such creatures. Perhaps his guests aquaintance with a Borsonin and members of the Loyal Order made him slightly more vehement. Anyway, the reception was suitably refined and the food and wine were excellent.

The pair excused themselves and returned to the inn before dark.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nettle by Name

Nagyolaszi 23 Byad, YT300

Voltarr decided to continue his search for a herbalist with the ingredient he needed. He had been told of a herbalist in Old Way and set off accompanied by Gorran and Hamec. Gorran was keen to consult with local musicians about Olvyrr Hnufa.

Following Lords Way to the meeting with Old Way they heard a disturbance like animals moving about down one of the alleys. Given their recent encounters they decided to leave well alone.

In Old Way, halfway towards the defunct Old Gate, they reached the shop of herbalist Borrec whom some call 'Bovecs' (Nettle). It did not take long to see why for the old man was surly and unhelpful until Voltarr finally mentioned that he was a member of the Council of Sutsavanica. Bovecs was persuaded to locate some of the required plant and arrange for delivery to the enclave two days hence.

On going to the Enclave Voltarr found a Council member with his assistant and another acolyte only slightly further in his studies than Voltarr.

The Torc Turns in the Lock

Nagyolaszi 23 Byad, YT300

Olorin and Tolarr were keen to visit the craft guilds of Nagolaszi and Tolarr had it in mind to dispose of the item he had aquired in the barrow. They had been informed that the working of Opals and Goldsmithing were important to the town and that the diminutive folk of Sapadtkuszi and the Eol were prominent in these crafts so they set out along Lords Way towards the starngers quarter. When they reached Palestone Arcade they found the nearest Goldsmith. The owner, was
Goldsmith craft-master Hanveyd. As they entered the shop a Szekely warrior passed them who was leaving. He wore very distinctive northland armour and weapns and he took time to recommend the workmanship of Hanveyd and to display his new gold. Hanveyd said that his name was Sgurd Hafnersson and that he was a good customer.

Discussion about gold with this pair (and his recent sale) seemed to put Hanveyd in a good mood and he talked at length. Evetually Tolarr turned the coversation around to the Torc and cautiosly showed it to Hanveyd. After looking round his own shop Hanveyd lowered his voice and told them to take it to the 'Green Fairie' house nearby where they could arrange matters with Sgurd. It became clear that Hanveyd and Sgurd were part of one of the dark cults and that Hanveyd considered them to be fellow cultists.

They followed his directions to the Green Forrester inn. It was the very model of a low-life den of thieves and hostile stares followed them into the taproom until Sgurd spoke to them. When he saw the Torc he was anxious to take it from them, offering money (which they took) and an invitation to their next gathering in two days time. To get away alive Olorin and Tolarr played along. On their way back te two made a point of stopping for ale in another house to check for any pursuit but they still were back at the inn mid-afternoon.