Friday, June 23, 2006

Words in the Dark Streets

Nagyolaszi, 25 and 26 Byad, YT330

Meanwhile, Nicolai, Olorin, Gorran and Voweslaw made there way towards the craft-working district.

Voweslaw spent several minutes discussing matters with a few Eol who they met in Castlegate. They were tracking a group of Bayars which consisted of Seahkzen warriors and Wallachs which they had recently followed from Nurt Tzingi to Nagyolaszi. Their attitude changed when Amathariel was mentioned, becoming much less voluble.

Near Hanveyd's Workshop they me a party of Earth-kin who had formed an impromptu militia to guard the Craft-working Quarter when the alarm was first raised that evening.

At the Forrester Inn, the building was swiftly surrounded and after loud knocking, a figure came crashing from a window and tried to make his escape. Quickly restrained by Nicolai, the tapsman of the Forrester (for that was who it turned out to be) started to divulge any and all information he knew (and possibly some he didn't) in an effort to avoid a death sentence for conspiracy with the cult. He named Gometch of the Vintners Guild as the figure in scarlet and purple. He also told them that Sgurd and a small band of Sekely and Wallachs had left the town early in the afternoon with traveling-gear and on horse.

On return to the Dark Tower Inn, the whole party agreed set out in the morning to track Hanyeyd leaving the wagons in the town. This gave Leradhir time to replace his clothes and bathe thoroughly.

Where There's Muck There's Money

Nagyolaszi, 25 and 26 Byad, YT330

Once the commotion had subsided, the group decided that they should split up in order to search Ivarsson's building and also the Forrester before the evidence could be removed or trampled on by unperceptive city guards.

Tolarr, Leradhir and Voltarr searched Ivarsson's building starting with the chamber where the summoning took place while the others went through the streets towards the goldsmith's shop and the cultists drinking den.

Tolarr used his innate treasure seeking abilities to unearth a cache of monies amounting to 12 Poltura, 37 Crajczar 7 Half-Thalers, 6 Thalers and an Opal/Gold Cloak-pin of local make. Leradhir after studying the tapestry, made a couple of more significant finds. Firstly, he found a black-bound book which gave off a strong sense Dark Magic. ( This was passed to the Council of Tzutsavanica by Voltarr next day). Secondly he discovered papers with am astrological diagram. Amathariel was able to confirm that this document specified a place and time which might be of significance to the cultists. The place was located in the forests of Nurt Tzingi. The time was mid-summer!

Leradhir while climbing into the solar to look for Hanveyd fell into the mire. When he was finally pulled out the night-soil collectors were the only ones not to remark on the stench. But he did spot a trail of muck and footprints leading towards the South Gate.