Monday, August 04, 2008

Regions of the Realm

The realm of St. Kosz of Astergow in TY330 was divided into two crown administered regions and seven controlled by the chief lords or Borsonin.

The crown lands were Borsod and Zsabolcs at that time. Later regions in the west were added to the crown lands but at that time Korzow and Nagyolaszi were the principal cities in these areas.

The Borsonin lands of Thàthoûr, Thurracsūr, Fuzynūr, Karroûr, Vozsethoûr, Vakynūr, Thucvuzoûr were of course named after their lord and therefore changed name from time to time. Fuzyn for example was Vocsynfy Fuzyn and so that region had been for a time Vocsynūr. Most of the Borsonin inherited the given name from their sire and so the region retained the name. The chief town or city in each of the borsonin lands in YT330 (and the location of that lord's court) were Racivow, Byrno, Olzstyn, Szicsäcyn, Gyor, Moson-tylar and Gylwics. Anyone with a petition could by law seek a judgement at one of these courts on any quarter day.