Saturday, March 28, 2009

Felled or Snared

Karb├Ąth mountains, somewhere north of Komiro, 11th Dyarr YT330

Our comrades having blundered through the village of the damned were high on a coll and preparing to camp just below the treeline. The moon being just a day short of full in the winter sky, was already risen and shone on the group as they made camp. Brimstone was busy making snares and Wojeslaw was enhancing them using his talents. Now anything wandering into the camp would not do so silently. As an afterthought he applied Argentum to a few so that Voltarr could cast enchantment upon them.

The camp settled down but not for long. Within an hour of setting the traps and before watches were set, a heated argument broke out between the two guides. It soon became clear that the bad feeling between the two men was an old score and that a woman was at the root. The shouting soon descended into ugly threats and daggers were already out when Olorin tried to intervene. His authority was not enough to calm things but when Father Nicolai spoke up the two men backed down.

Olorin took charge of the first watch. It was well that one of the two guides was also on watch because he spotted the intruders before they reached the camp. Perhaps he was especially vigilant because of the fight with Antal Komiro. Or maybe St Kosz blessed the lad born in Astergow.

The raiders were many. Iwan Fodor spotted at leas two dozen men armed with bows spears and swords traversing the slopes towards them. They were following the treeline from the eastern escarpment. Vojeslaw shouted a challenge but Iwan had already loosed an arrow which hit the leading archer.

Olorin and Ihkz started waking the camp and within a few seconds all were awake. Some sprang up immediately alert and had there weapons to hand but all were quickly roused. In places like this, the slow to rise may never get the chance. Ihkz shouted something when he saw the attackers but he had no time to explain.

Olorin barked orders and a defensive line began to form. The first bayar to rush forward tripped in front of Iwan and Vojeslaw. The mechanician took more than a a minute to club him insensible.

The rest of our group were more effective, for in spite of being outnumbered the raid was over almost before it began. With a screamed command the Bayars rushed the camp in a frenzy. Had they time to consider this the friends might have marked this as extreme behavior for common Bayars.

The deadly greataxe of Olorin dealt the most damage .One bayar received a mortal blow to his head. Another two were left dazed and shaken by a massive sweeping attack. Even when a Bayar blundering through one of the traps caused Voltarr's enchantment to fire, hitting Olorin with a massive blast of raw energy, Olorin ignored the blast and continued to cut down raider after raider. Finally a blow from his axe hit one of the spruce trees. The tree fell with a crack and landed in the melee, trapping Anastasz, Nicolai and several of the bayars.

Seeing so many of their men felled or snared, the leader shouted on them to run. More than half their number were left dead or captured. A close look at the captives confirmed that they were indeed the 'villagers' of the strange village in the ravine.