Saturday, November 21, 2009

In the Balance?

Gylwics 18th Dyarr YT330
The first warriors to engage the intruders had rushed in immediately, but the remainder stayed long enough to collect their carved shields. They began to replace their battered bretheren and the battle began to tip in their favour. Voltarr and Vojeslaw on the right of the line staggered under the blows of their opponents. Hamec on the left also suffered a huge blow which caused him to reel backwards like a drunken stevedore. For a while both Voltarr and Hamec were slumped on the ground unable to defend themselves. Meanwhile one of the unholy warriors had slipped out one door and back in through another and was now about to fall on the adventurers from behind when he tripped over the prone form of Hamec.
To make matters worse, Tolarr's left boot began to came apart sending him crashing to the floor. Voltarr who had managed to rise, suffered a similar fate as the stitching in his boots dissolved. Gorran could see holes developing in the clothing of Hamec as he lay on the floor. As if some huge invisible moth were eating his garb. Although no-one was looking at the time, the costly clohing of Vojeslaw was suffering the same depredations as Hamec's ordinary shirt and trousers.
The cumulative effect of the blows taken so far had worn them down. Vojelaw, Voltarr, Olorin and Gorran were totally fatigued, bruised and bleeding. Nicolai was less hurt and Hamec was almost untouched in spite of being stunned and prone. On the other hand, half of their opponents were down. The mage was being helped by a guard but the huge warrior and the utterer-of-curses were down and showed no sign of rising this side of judgement day.
Still unseen, the diminutive Brimstone had crept back to the locked door and was busily trying to unpick it from the outside. It might at least provide a route to flee if things got worse.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gatecrashing with the Torpek

Gylwics 18th Dyarr YT330
Olorin was certainly visible from the moment he burst into the guardroom. The slate-robed guide had said they would become fully visible the moment they did anything to attract attention to themselves. The guards who had just finished checking for intruders were still reporting to a huge warrior near the centre of the room. Around the walls more than a score of others were sprawled on benches, sharpening short leaf-shaped swords or polishing black leather and bronze mail. Several black shields bearing the carved image of a man with a lions head were hanging on the walls.
The torpek nobleman rushed towards the standing figures. His first axe stroke had one opponent reeling before anyone could react. The helmed warrior did not draw a sword, but reached over and grasped at Olorin. A strange feeling ran through the torpek and he felt the malevolence directed at him but he took no harm from the touch.
Although Olorin was clearly visible from the outset, Tolarr and the rest following him in may have been unseen for a few seconds as they rushed into the battle. But Tolarr's axe was soon dealing out damage alongside Olorin's and those opponents who were first to leap up crowded towards the pair.
Nicolai and Vojeslaw noticed a grey robed man to the right of the torpek. He was starting to mumble words and his hands were moving in strange gestures. They both rushed towards him but several guards formed up in front of the man. Nicolai's mace and Vojeslaw's sabre were soon busy. Voltarr tried to work his way round to reach the grey mage.His opponent cursed as his magic failed him, leaving him all but drained of mana. Voltarr is well known to wield his staff as a weapon as readily as an aid to casting and blows rained down on the hapless grey mage. He turned and ran but immediately fell as Voltarr's prop hit the back of his skull.
As Hamec and Gorran came through the door they moved to the left of the torpek to counter a new foe. An armoured figure with grey robes was rushing forward shouting foul and foetid curses at the intruders. Several of the group began to feel less confident but Olorin and Nicolai did not. Olorin cried out to Eru and continued to swing mighty blows into the unholy cult guard.