Monday, March 22, 2010

Merchant Cant - 3

The war in the north has spread again. Amber merchants arriving in the realm have reported that Wendland have attacked the Kylfings on the pretext of an alleged slight to the royal house of the Wends. The campaign has by all accounts not gone well for Wendland. The massive Wendish army has been struggling in the harsh conditions. The Wendish Viowode Wroclaw is reported to have told the King that the Kylfings can appear and disappear 'like ghosts'. Of course the merchants all believe that this is just pagan superstition.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Frustration of Wizards

Szutsavanica, 3rd Vog, YT330

Brimstone and Olorin had been particularly suspicious of the stranger. Most of the rest had been cautious of the young mage after talking with him but these two suspected duplicity from the start. He said that he had been travelling on his own back to Szutsavanica and had rushed to catch up. A lone traveller might seek the company and extra security of a large group. But others had tried to spy on them before in much the same way.

The huge stone tower of the Council of Szutsavanica, topped with a perpetual flame, was an impressive sight. The new town which was being built around it was still mostly timber frames and canvas shelters but the bustle of commerce was there already. The busy town seemed at odds with the magisterial edifice at it's center. Like a tall heron mobbed by noisy sparrows.

When they were shown up to the council chamber, Gorran stayed behind in the 'tavern' with their new companion. He did seem reluctant to enter the tower but excused himself saying that he was too lowly to merit the attention of the Council members. Their suspicions were confirmed a few minutes later when he vanished from a spot a few feet in front of Gorran.

The Council of Szutsavanica were all in the council chamber when Voltarr and his companions entered. Fifteen of the most auspicious and respected men and women in the realm paused in their discussion as the group were presented. Waiting for the first chance to speak Voltarr mentioned their new companion and asked the Council to confirm his identity. Since the Council did not then have any roll of acolytes this might have taken some time and some of the council were keen that Voltarr concentrated on investigating the glyphs first. It was all rendered moot by the disappearance of the spy before the Council could reach agreement. When Gorran arrived with the news the council rushed out and up to the top of the tower. From there they were able to use their talents to see what was hidden from others. The villain was descried fleeing northwards.

The discussion on Voltarr's task resumed. And continued for some time. Finally, the council agreed that the following actions were resolved:

  • Delegates from the guilds currently present in the town must be selected to present petitions for improving the good order of the town until other laws and corporations are enacted.
  • In specific of which the merchants are permitted to form from their own hired men an interim town watch and use such for patrolling the streets.
  • Voltarr must investigate the glyphs and signs appearing in the town and the possible connection to the stone circle which in olden times was called Alszaperkunoz with utmost urgency. If any assistance is necessary then this should be submitted to Council expeditiously by Voltarr.