Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fragments of the History of the Törpek

Earth-kin in the Realm consider that they all come from the same father. One of the seven progenitors, Azaghâl is mostly mentioned in the tale about the legendary axe. But Azaghäl was the second of the seven and he and his kin made there home in an area to the west of where the Realm now stands. His city was Gabilgathol and it was carved high in the peak of a very great mountain. The tragic tale of that once great city is said to still cause one of the Törpek Másodek to cover his face with his hands in grief. Several hundred years ago a great number of Törpek Másodek migrated east where they took over the city and holy-mountain of Azigilmahâl. Another legend suggests that once, ages before story, this was the city of the seventh father but whether the Törpek Hetedek also migrated is not mentioned. Of the other Törpek, the line of Iaurgond has most dealings with the line of Azaghâl. Far-traveled adventurers such as Tolarr and prospectors from the north do reach the Realm occasionally but they seem strange to the folk of Azaghâl these days. It is said many of the Ötödek take man-names and pay less heed to old ways.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Written on a Scrap of Parchment

Karbäth mountains, somewhere north of Komiro, 11th Dyarr YT330

A single piece of parchment is left un-burnt and discovered in a strange village by Olorin. From the location, the nights struggle and the note found with it, it is clearly unholy and probably significant. The choice before them is this - seek out the meaning or return to Giliwics with a cryptic puzzle? It seems that whichever they choose, the sands in the glass are almost done.