Monday, June 14, 2010

Assembled Inaction?

Szutsavanica, 7th Vog, YT330

Amethäriel and Brimstone went to see Voltarr at the tower on arrival. Voltarr invited Vogyin and two council members to participate. Those that had seemed inclined to immediate action at previous council meetings. After a brief discussion Gorran was called for and the insights of Gorran and Voltarr were reprised. The other companions had all joined the meeting when three other council members also arrived uninvited. The meeting was removed to the council chamber as the existing room was exceedingly cramped with sixteen in it. The discussion went on for hours. This time the mages were not the only ones doing the talking. Brimstone, Olorin and others were also vociferous. Before the meeting had finished, Tolarr, Father Nicolai and Olorin had decided to set off on there own for Alsaperkunoz in the morning. A few hours after they had retired the rest of the assembly had agreed on a plan. Voltarr and two other mages would accompany Amethäriel's friend Leradhir and the rest of the company to Amethäriel to ambush the cultists before they could do more damage to Tjlaria.

Clever Counsel and New Aquaintance

near Alsaperkunoz, 6th Vog, YT330

Once he was clear of his pursuers and had caught breath, Brimstone decided against returning to the cultist camp that night. Instead, he made for Sutsavanica, carefully avoiding the previous route. As he was nearing the edge of the forest, someone addressed Brimstone. "Hello earth-kin. What's your name? And what are you doing around here. You can call me Mr Ravasz''. Brimstone chatted for a while with the hidden 'Mr Ravasz' He found out that the camp was less than a fortnight old. He was also informed that the Vodnik from the local stream and the closest Lesovik has both disappeared in the same period. On leaving the forest Brimstone spotted four mounted figures and ducked back into cover. When they reached the forest path near to where he was hiding, a female voice spoke up. "You can come out earth-kin. We saw you before you noticed us. Our eyes are far keener than yours. My name is Amethäriel and these are my friends." Brimstone recognized the name. Voweslaw and  Gorran had both said something of their time working for this elven lady. Brimstone told the four something of what he had discovered. But it was not until he mentioned the disappearance of the jellegű helyszeszes that the lady Amethäriel began to look alarmed. "We will take you with us to Szutsavanica. We must speak with the Council magisters at once."