Friday, April 16, 2010

Studying the Signs

Alszaperkunoz, 4th Vog, YT330
Because they arrived at sunrise the companions were easily able to locate the two outer stones of Voltarr's vision. But there were no robed figures and no visible curiosities. The two stones framed by the rising orb were examined carefully. They were covered in carvings. Some looked like the symbols daubed in Sutsavanica. The remainder looked like depictions of bizarre humanoid creatures with strange heads, misshaped limbs and smaller figures bowed down in front of each.
After studying these for hours, the group went back into the inner circle looking for tracks. Hamec finally found tracks of three figures moving from east to west and then turning north-east and heading into the forest.
Voltarr searched the inner circle and detected an attempt to hide freshly disturbed earth close to one of the stones. After careful excavation they found several curious items but neither of those in Gorran's vision.
  • A 'doll' or effigy made with yellow stalks of wheat still with ripe autumn grains.
  • Three porcelain cups, one with a blue pattern, all with oily marks near the handles.
  • A bronze shovel for coals or ash
  • Four wolves teeth, possibly from two animals
  • An empty crystal vial with a matching stopper
After looking closely at these Nicolai carefully wrapped and stowed each and the companions set off to follow the tracks into the forest.

Readying for Alszaperkunoz

The Tower, Szutsavanica, 3 Vog YT330
Voltarr had been muttering to himself for some time now. As he climbed the stair, Magister Vogyin spoke up from behind him. "You know Voltarr, I have read that phrase 'other ones' somewhere... Isn't it in the sayings of that old fraud Varbath-Matha... Yes. Stanza 212 if I'm not mistaken" Voltarr hurried to find a copy of the prophecies. Stanza 216 seemed more apposite to him, but Voltarr had learned to always pay careful attention to what Vogyin said.
A little later, while Nicolai, Olorin, Tolarr and Voweslaw were collecting supplies, Voltarr sat in a private chamber staring into his crystal. When it cleared he saw, as it were from a distance, two circles of stones on high ground in the midst of a forest and within the inner circle three robed figures. The figures were garbed in deep blue and midnight black but the night was over and the new sun rose between two of the outer stones.
As Voltarr used his crystal, Gorran was in the half-built chapel at his daily devotions. He too was gifted a vision. But Gorran saw at close hand a man holding  three curiosities. The cowl of his dark blue robes obscured his face but two of the three items were clearly visible: 
  • A fine white porcelain bottle with a crude stopper and black oily marks around the neck.
  • A metal trap of the size used for wolves (or sometimes men) rusted shut.
The third item was unclear but light flared from a polished surface.  
All of the companions apart from Brimsone left after dark and took the track into the silent forest towards Alszaperkunoz.