Friday, October 14, 2011

Local Drinking Song (translated from Tjlar)

Gépész Csizma 
:The Mechanician's Boot (or Mechanical Leg)

The tavern's marvel
All to view
Began as simply
One of two

But now it hangs
Above the hearth
A sign to all
Of it's true worth

The dwarf laid low
Of noble kin
And sullied like
Old Adam's sin

Supplied the axe
That heretofore
Made legless the first
Of many more

Old Tolarr he
His sorrow drowns
With dwarven ale
In many towns

But in this village
Here we keep
The boot that made
Poor Tolarr weep

And Vojeslav he
Hops a-twenty
Like hops we use
In brews aplenty

And quaffs a few
To lubricate
The working of
His new-made gait

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